Eva Van Weerdt about Danielle Huyghe as performer in MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN (WYF) at the Theaterkrant. 

'All three performers are excellent mimers with good physical expression, with Huyghe in particular brilliantly portraying the increasingly human robot. She shows a rock-solid control over her body in the minute changes of a wooden machine that learns more and more. In a fight against her own program, she makes spectacular falls and, when she gets up again, is just a little more flexible, down to the finest details.' 



- 2022-Recent: Masters In Theater, Performance Arts at de Toneelacademie Maastricht (NL)

- 2016-2O20: Bachelor, ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance, Dancer and Maker, Arnhem (NL) 

- 2010 - 2016: The Artschool, Contemporary dance Antwerp (BE).









2023 - 2024: 'A DELUDED STATE OF MIND',
VZW Posthuman, Liesbet Hermans (BE) 

2023 - 2024: 'MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN', Marieke Heerema and Iris Spanbroek, WYF Theater Company, Utrecht (NL) 

2023 - 2024: 'HUMAN SUIT', WYF Theatergezelschap, Marieke Heerema, Utrecht (NL) 

2023: 'GLITCH' Charlotte Gillain, Nowhere Amsterdam (NL)

2023: 'THE BODY IN PAIN', Constantinos Trommlitz, ITA Amsterdam (NL), GOETHE Rotterdam (NL), KORZO Den Haag (NL) (Assistant)

2023: 'STUDIES IN (DIS)ORIENTATION', Oscar Van Leest, W137, Amsterdam (NL)

2023 - 2024: 'PRESIDE', Danielle Huyghe, RADAR Mechelen, Productiehuis Alkmaar, NTGent (BE, NL) 

2023: 'THE SOUND OF NOTHING', Soren and Sieben, Bas Grossveldt, Amsterdam (NL) and Oberhausen (GM) 

2023: 'CITY HORSES', Anna Källblad en Helena Bystrom, for Julidans, Amsterdam (NL) 

2023: 'FABRIC OF SPACE', Constantin Trommlitz, KORZO Den Hague (NL) 

2023 - 2024: 'MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN', Marieke Heerema and Iris Spanbroek, WYF Theater Company Utrecht (NL) (2023-2024) 

2023: 'PORTALS', Manuel Greathousen, Het Loss Maastricht (NL)

2023: 'FUTURE ME', Vincent Boy Kars and Peter de Baan, Amsterdam (NL) 

2022 - 2024: 'INTO THE BLUE', Danielle Huyghe, Rotterdam (NL), co-production CC De Ververij and Korrelfilm (BE, IT, OP, ES, NL) 
2022- 2024: 'L'HEURE BLEUE', Korrelfilm and Danielle Huyghe, Rotterdam (NL) 

2020 - 2022: 'OUT OF THE BLUE', Danielle Huyghe and Alexandra Verschuuren, Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL) 

2020 - 2022: 'ONTKOPPELING', 2Deform, Rotterdam (NL) 

2020 - 2021: 'DETACHED SEPARATION', 2Deform, produced by Café Theater Festival, Utrecht (NL) 

2021: 'THE SYMBIOSIS', Renee Spanjer, Rotterdam (NL)

2021: 'ALIENATED BODY', Nathalie Vermeiren, Rotterdam (NL)  

2020: 'LIFT', Cinzia Scoglionero, co-produced by Sally Dance Company and Via Zuid, Maastricht (NL) 

2020: 'CONTORTIONISM', solo performance made with and for Company La Rosa, Utrecht and Amsterdam (NL) 

2019: 'HELL YEAH', Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and Leon Emile, understudy, de Nieuwe Oost, Arnhem (NL) 

2019: 'LONG WALK', solo performance, Jens Van Daele, Huis Oostpool, Arnhem (NL) 

2019: 'EVERYONE', Willi Dorner, spring festival Utrecht (NL) 


2019: at ARTEZ, Bachelor of dance and maker. 
2019: CHURCH, Karoline Finn, stadstheater Arnhem (NL) 
2019: FF+REW, Anne Van den Broek, WARD/WARD, stadstheater Arnhem (NL)
2019: PUZZLE WORK, Anton Lashky 
2018: D-NOBODY, Dario Torterelli 

2016: at The Art Academy, contemporary dance, Antwerp (BE): 
Yasemin Kandemir, Filip Van Huffel (Retina Dance Company), Ann van den Broek (WARD/WARD), Iris Bouche, Yolanda Luijten, Wies Van Houplines (GAGA people), Anton Lashky, Min Hee Bervoets (company Hunderd),...  









Doing the Choreography for 'Midzomer Nachtsdroom' By Jaco Van der Moolen,  at Jeugdtheater Hofplein, Rotterdam (NL) 

2023- 2024: 'PRESIDE', supported by: RADAR Mechelen (BE), Production House Alkmaar (NL).
Presented at: Open Monumenten dag Mechelen (BE), NT Gent x Parhasard Collective, Gent (BE) and Magdalenazaal, Brugge (BE). 

2023 - 2024: 'DANSPROJECT', Commissioned for Paserelle VZW, Kortrijk (BE). 
Presented at: CC Den Blank, CC De Werft, CC Ter Dilft, Budascoop, Zuiderpershuis Antwerpen (BE). 

2023: 'INTO THE NIGHT', commissioned for Moving Art at de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse dans Antwerp. 
Presented at: CC Corso (Antwerp) (2023) and at Festival Antigone (Brussels) (2023) 

2022-2024: 'L'HEURE BLEUE', Co-production Korrel Film (NL) and CC de Ververij (BE). 
presented at: CC de Ververij, Ronse (BE), Theater de Generator, Leiden (NL), Concordia theater, Enschede (NL), Theater de Kikker, Utrecht (NL) Podium Islemunda, Rotterdam (NL), City Filmfestival Stockholm (SW), Cinedans, Eye Amsterdam (NL), ZIEL Dance and Film Festival, New York City (LA), Coctelito de Videodanza (ES) International Festival of Audiovisual (ES), Imajitari - International Dance Film Festival (DKI), Open Vision Film Festival Serbia (SV), Dance On Screen FilmFestival 2022 Graz, Austria (AU), CineNoord Rotterdam + Q en A (NL), CC Hasselt, Hasselt (BE), Opera Prima Festival Rovigo (IT), Teatros Del Canal Madrid (ES), Theater Het Vrijthof, AINSI Maastricht (NL), Momentum Festival Tongeren (NL), Coctelito de Videodanza (MX), BAM Festival, Rotterdam (NL), Toneelschuur Haarlem, Boring Festival (NL), OX Space Rotterdam (NL),...
Jury Prize best work at Imajitari - International Dance Film Festival (DKI) 

2022-2024: 'INTO THE BLUE', Co-production CC de Ververij (BE) and Korrelfilm (NL). 
presented at: Festival Zawirowania (PO), Festival WhyNot (NL), CC De Ververij (BE), Concordia Theater (NL), Theater De Generator (NL), Podium Islemunda (NL), Theater Kikker (NL), CC Hasselt (BE), Tic Tac Art Centre Brussels (BE), Teatros Del Canal, Beta Publica, Festival Madrid en Danza (ES), Opera Prima Festival Italy (IT), Momentum Festival, Tongeren (BE), Theater Aan Het Vrijthof, AINSI Maastricht, Maastricht (NL), Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL), Toneelschuur Haarlem, Boring Festival (NL), OX Space Rotterdam (NL). 


2020 - 2022: 'ONTKOPPELING' co-production 2Deform, Rottterdam (NL)
presented at: Mixable Festival, Rotterdam (NL), Seasoning Spring United Cowboys, Eindhoven (NL), Danc'in Bo Film Festival, Bologna (IT), TENT, Online Cinema, Rotterdam (NL), Chania Dance Days, Creta, Greece (GR), Tanzahoi, Fringe Market, Hamburg (DE), Internationalez DanzFilm Festival, Berlin (DE), ZED Festival Internazionale Videodanza (IT), FIVER International Dance Film Festival, Bologna (IT), Exposition,  Kavka / Oudaen, Antwerpen(BE), Lago Film Festival, Lago (IT), Fuori Formato Festival, Geneva (IT), Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Bologna (IT), Festival Vapore d’Estate, Milano (IT), Lago Film Festival, Lago (IT), ArtFest, Venosa (IT) , HANGART Fest, Pesaro (IT), Breaking 8, International Dance Film Festival Cagliari (IT),.... 
Jury Prize Best Film Lago Film Festival, Lago (IT) 
Best Performance Award ZED International Dance Film Festival, Bologna (IT)


2020 - 2023: 'OUT OF THE BLUE' produced by Dansateliers (Rotterdam) and Fameus (Antwerpen) co-choreographed with Alexandra Verschuuren. 
Presented at: Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL), CC De Warandepoort, Tervuren (BE), CC De Ververij, Ronse (BE), Concordia Theater, Enschede (NL), Rietveld Theater, Delft (NL), KAVKA Oudaan, Antwerp (BE), Festival 10 Sentidos, Valencia (ES), Festival DanzaTTack2020, Tenerife (ES), Festival 25Masdanza, Gran Canaria (ES), Auditorio de Tenerife, Tenerife (Spain), Festival Zawirowania, Warsaw (OP), VONK Ateliers, Hasselt (BE), Interplay Festival, Torino (IT), Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition, Rotterdam (NL),  Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, Copenhagen (DK), Fringe Festival Stockholm (SW), and more. 
Jury prize Best choreography 25Masdanza (ES). 


2020 - 2022: 'DETACHED SEPARATION' produced by 2Deform, Rotterdam (NL)
presented at: Café Theater Festival Utrecht (NL), LUX Theater, Nijmegen (NL), Theater aan de Oversteek, Nijmegen (NL), Performative Expo, De studio, Rotterdam (NL), Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem (NL), De studio Rotterdam (NL), Rosas studio's, PARTS, Brussels (BE)


2020: 'CONTORTIONISM' commissioned for Company La Rosa Utrecht, creation of a solo with live orchestra. 
Presented at: De Duif Amsterdam and Nikolai Church Utrecht (NL) 

RADAR, Mechelen (BE) 
ONE NIGHT'S DANCE, young makers trajectory at Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL) 
FAMEUS, GAST residency, Antwerpen (BE) 
P.A.R.T.S, Studio's, Brussels (NL) 
HET HUIS UTRECHT, Winter residency Utrecht (NL) 
A'TTACK, Budatoren Kortrijk, VZW De Paserelle (BE) 
CC DE VERVERIJ, co-productie partner (BE) 
KORRELFILM, co-production partner (NL)





TEACHER (2024-2022)

2024 Floorwork Workshop at Lemmens Instituut Leuven (BE) 
2024 Floorwork Workshop at the Junior Dance Company, Arlekino, Antwerp (BE) 
2024 Floorwork Workshop at Terpsichore, Antwerp, during the Summer Course (BE) 
2024 Floorwork Workshop at Arabesque, Antwerp during the Easter course and Summer Course (BE)
2024 Intensive, Floorwork and Contemporary Workshop at Dance lab Belgium (BE) 



2023 Floorwork Workshop at Conservatorium Kortrijk to Terpsichore, Arlekino, Polydans, Dans Impuls Dance Company (BE), Dance Company LUNE (BE). 
2023 Floorwork Workshops at Studio MONAD, Utrecht (NL) 
2023 Private Competition classes at Evites Balletschool Rotterdam (NL) 
2023 NEO Ballet and Classical Ballet at Evites Balletschool Rotterdam (NL)
2023 Audition Commitee of the project LUNA by Maartje Winkerink (NL) 
2023 Masterclasses Floorwork and Repertoire at Compañía Nacional de Danza Madrid (ES) 
2023 Dance Intensive Floorwork and Acrobatics at C-MINE Genk, Fabuleus and Paserelle VZW (BE) 
2023 Bachelor regie 2,
coaching, dramaturgy and conceptual thinking Toneelacademie Maastricht, ROMA project (NL) 
2023 Floorwork and Creation, at de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse dans, Antwerpen (BE) 
2023 Substitute teacher at: Jeugdtheater Hofplein (NL),  Evites Balletschool (NL), SKVR (NL), Coolibri (NL), Belinda Dance (NL),..... 
2023 Interim Teacher at de KunstenAcademie Vlaamse Ardennen DKO (BE) 




2022 Floorwork, vooropleiding ArtEZ, Enschede (NL) 
2022 Floorwork, de! Kunsthumaniora dans, Antwerpen (BE) 
2022 Floorwork, Circusstudio, Rotterdam, Tall Tales Circus Company (NL) 
2022 Physical Theater Workshops, Theater Het Kruispunt, Barendrecht (NL)
2022 Bachelor Regie 1, Coaching Agatha, Toneelacademie Maastricht (NL) 
2022 Coaching graduation solo, Sunai Ebers, Fontys Academy, Bachelor dance, Tilburg (NL) 
2022 Composition and Choreography workshop, MBO Theaterschool, Rotterdam (NL) 
2022 Contemporary Dance Workshop, Missiconi Dance Company, Rotterdam (NL) 
2022 Interim Teacher at de KunstenAcademie Vlaamse Ardennen DKO (BE) 
2022 ArtEZ Bachelor of dance, Lecture on choreography (NL) 
2022 Masterclass repertoire and floorwork, DanzAttack Festival for Dance, Tenerife (NL) 



Experience as a teacher and substitute teacher in
Ballet, Neo Ballet, Choreography, Floorwork, Composition, Repertoire, Barre, Neo Barre, Work out, Jazz Dance, Coaching, Dramaturgy, Concept Development, Competition classes, Selection Classes, Toddler ballet, Yoga, Urban, Dance, Acrobatics and more, ...



Thought at classes at:
Lemmens instituut, Leuven (BE), Arlekino, Youth Dance Company (BE), Terpsichore (BE), Dansstudio Arabesque (BE), SKVR (NL), De! Kunsthumaniora Contemporary dance Antwerp (BE), Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL), ArtEZ pre-eduction Enschede (NL), Studio Monad (NL), Compania Nacional De Danza Madrid (ES), Coolibri Dance (NL) Dansstudio Minne (BE), Evites dance (NL), SKVR Rotterdam (NL), Dance Lab (BE), De Kunsten Academie Vlaamse Ardennen (BE), DanzAttack Festival (ES), Toneelacademie Maastricht Bachelors Directing (NL), ArtEZ Bachelor Dance (NL), Studio Monad (NL), and more.... 



Daphne Van de Velde (NL), Fant Projects, Brand, (NL), Elke Andreas Boon (Belgian Artist), 
Paul D'arcangela (Brand), ZARA, Brand (BE), RUNAWAY model at Fashion Clash Festival  Maastricht (NL), Marlies Verschuuren (NL), Manou Hermans (BE), Nathalie Vermeiren (BE), J-LINE (BE),....


L'Heure Bleue, Korrelfilm (NL), Beautiful The movie, Sarah Judith Van Oostrum (BE),
FUTURE ME, Vincent Boy Kars (NL), Elke Andreas Boon (BE), Ontkoppeling  2Deform (NL),...