Dansproject, creates a stage and platform for impressive contemporary dance creations and consists of a group of dancers from Polydans (Kortrijk), Compagnie Arlekino (Antwerp), Company (Bornem), Impuls Company (Geel) and Aira Project (Leuven).

Every year a new creation is made per group, and the 5 creations are presented in an evening-filling program, which can be seen in Kortrijk, Antwerp, Bornem, Geel, and Overijse in Belgium (BE) .

Danielle Huyghe is one of the five choreographers, and she created the Performance 'Club 27' for Polydans Kortrijk (BE). 




Titel: Club 27
Maker: Danielle Huyghe 
Dancers: Polydans: Amelie, Yentl, Viktor, Julie, Elise. 
Music: Yannick Wandel 
Thanks to: Pol Coussement and Paserelle VZW 

Club 27, a voyeuristc popconcert.

The dangers of our oppressive society are made painfully visible during 'Club 27'.


‘Club 27’ is a voyeuristic pop concert where spectators take a look at both the public and private lives of five young pop stars, part of Club 27. The women take the audience into the adrenaline and intensity of a pop concert, in which a utopian reality, threatens to become a dystopian world, leading to a tight vicious circle of bad habits, from which women find it difficult to escape.


Society expects more and more from pop stars and does not allow mistakes.
The fatigue of performing at your best again and again, without sleep and rest takes its toll. The pop stars try to keep to the routine, but it becomes increasingly difficult.

Their destructive lifestyle becomes oppressively visible.


The performance is made as part of dansproject 2024, organised by Jeniffer.




Titel: Club 27

Maker: Danielle Huyghe 

Dancers: Polydans: Amelie, Yentl, Viktor, Julie, Elise. 

Music: Yannick Wandel 

Costuming; Polydans and Danielle Huyghe

Light design: Danielle Huyghe and Pol Coussement

Thanks to: Pol Coussement and Paserelle VZW 



Overijse: February 10, 2024 @ CC Den Blank
Geel: February 18, 2024 @ CC De Werft
Bornem: February 25, 2024 @ CC Ter Dilft
Kortrijk: March 24, 2024 @ Budascoop
Antwerp: May 5, 2024 @ Zuiderspershuis