HACKED (2025) In the make. 

HACKED full evening. 

In the future, man has psychologically merged with technology and the point is likely to come where man as a being with individual expression becomes extinct.

A final rescue attempt is a radical program to free humanity from the collective technological trap.
Man must be taught to be an individual again, with all the beauty and ugliness of our past.


A performance where film and dance are beautifully combined. 


Maker: Danielle Huyghe, stefan Mandersloot and Sid Zeno Duit 
Dancers: Carolina Wilkinson, Gabrielle Aidulius, Catarina Feireirra, Pierre Bastin, Silke Haemers, Maxime Boël. 
Film: Korrelfilm 
Production: Nynke Bonnema
Max Kelm
Costuming: Danielle Huyghe 
Support: RADAR Mechelen (BE), NT Gent (BE), Masters Theater Maastricht (NL), Production house Alkmaar (NL), CC De Ververij (BE), 
Danspunt (BE), Theater Kikker (NL), Podium Islemunda (NL) 
Co-production; VZW DaDa, Korrelfilm and Danielle Huyghe 


Presentations, Full evening

13/03/2025 drukwerk, Alkmaar (NL)
01/05/2025 Theater kikker, Utrecht (NL)
02/05/2025  Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL)
17/05/ 2025 CC De Ververij, Ronse (BE)
June: podium Islemunda
June: productiehuis Alkmaar
June SOTA Maastricht